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June 22nd 2021

My shopping list: homemade pet first aid kit

Adventure season is in full swing, and you want to make the most of it with your furry friend by your side. Walks, hikes in the woods, visits to the park, or exploring your backyard... Don’t let a good time turn sour because of a…

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June 2nd 2021

5 questions to ask yourself before adopting from a shelter

Are you looking for a new companion? Adopting from a shelter is a great way to support the animal cause and give an abandoned cat or dog a second chance. However, taking in an animal can be challenging! Here are some questions to ask yourself…

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May 26th 2021

Heat, car, and dog = risky business

Yay! The warm, sunny days finally seem to be back, and with them, a lot of activities you'll want to share with your canine friend. As a good guardian, you are cautious, informed, and prepared... until a last-minute errand comes up and Fido is left…