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September 24th 2021

Cat looking for family... is she the one?

"Ah, he's so cute!” Unsurprisingly, this is often how our exchanges with our prospective adopters begin. A large majority of people looking to adopt a new kitty do so primarily because they like the aesthetic characteristics... they think it's so beautiful! But did you know…

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September 22nd 2021

4 reasons to enjoy fall with your dog

And here we are, fall is here! Fall is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors without the inconvenience of other seasons. No heat waves, no mud everywhere, no snowstorms! It's time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and splendid colours. Here are…

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September 13th 2021
Puppies in a cage

The responsibilities of a dog guardian

September 18 marks Puppy Mill Awareness Day and, at the same time, Responsible Dog Ownership Day. On the one hand, the pandemic has been in the news regularly, highlighting the escalating demand for dogs, especially puppies. Shelters like ours, and responsible breeders, are struggling to…

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September 7th 2021

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. A big part of our role as pet guardians is to ensure the well-being of our companions, and that includes identifying and acting if our furry friends are not feeling well. Did you know that animals are good at…

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September 1st 2021

Products that are big no-no’s for our furry friends

Every year, many pets end up in veterinary clinics after coming into contact with products or ingredients that we humans use everyday. But did you know that the ingestion of some of these products by your dogs or cats can lead to their death? Do…

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August 24th 2021

What if it was your fault that your dog acts out?

When we talk about needs in dogs, we often talk about the need for exercise in a one-sided way, as if physical exercise was the only avenue to consider. Unfortunately, the importance of mental stimulation is regularly ignored or neglected, which too often leads to…