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June 28th 2022

Prepare your furry friends for the summer heat!

There are several ways to cool down, such as diving headfirst into a pool or a lake, staying in the shade or simply by drinking lots of water. For pets, the solutions are pretty much the same, but our furry friends may need a little…

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April 4th 2022

The 3 benefits of a walk for you and your dog!

It is well known that dogs need to move and not just in your backyard even if it is big. It is key for their health to walk at least 30 minutes a day to burn off energy! Due to lack of walks, unwanted behaviours…

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March 8th 2022

Back to work! But what about Toto?

We've all seen and heard it ad nauseam: dog adoptions took off during the pandemic. But now that life is slowly returning to normal and many companies are calling their employees back to work, those dogs that were used to spending most of their time…

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February 9th 2022

CSRM partnership for cats in the Pontiac

In Quebec, and in the Outaouais region, there are many feral cats living in colonies, which, because they are not sterilized, reproduce rapidly, contributing to the problem of cat overpopulation in many areas. To assist in the humane and responsible management of the cat population…

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February 2nd 2022

Does your pet have a healthy mouth?

February is Dental Health Month for pets. Dental health is a key factor in the quality of life, comfort, and even longevity of your furry friend! Did you know that 70% of adult cats suffer from dental disease? With most of these cases related to…

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January 26th 2022

Adopting a puppy: are you ready?

The demand for puppy adoption has not waned in the past two years. Whether it's in response to the pandemic, or the recalibration of trends of family priorities, more and more households are considering the addition of a little four-legged friend. We can't say it…