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May 3rd 2023

Best practices at the dog park 🐶

Dog parks are all the rage in the Outaouais! More and more common and frequently visited by canine owners, they can provide your companion with very enriching experiences... or very traumatic ones! Here is a little guide to put all the chances on your…

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March 14th 2023

Enrichment, an essential ingredient for Kitty’s well-being at home (part II)

In a previous blog post, we listed the different enrichment strategies we use at the shelter. However, Kitty's needs don't end when they’re adopted! It is very important to continue the good work of the shelter staff and volunteers once he or she is…

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March 14th 2023

Enrichment, an essential ingredient for Kitty’s well-being at the shelter (part I)

Just like us, our pets need to be entertained and stimulated daily. The strategies used to do this, whether it's physical or mental stimulation, are called "enrichment"! At the shelter, our team uses several methods to ensure that our little residents don't find the…

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January 24th 2023

Why are many of our services available by appointment only?

For almost three years, we have been operating exclusively by appointment for several services such as abandonments and taking in stray animals. We know that this method of operation can raise many questions and we are committed to demystifying the reasons behind our choice…

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December 15th 2022

Yes, some cats can spend the winter outside!

The approach of cold weather is often synonymous with concern when we see cats presumed to be strays in the neighbourhood. Although legitimate, our fears are not always well-founded, because some cats are really equipped to spend the winter outdoors! Here are some tips…

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December 6th 2022

Fostering, a rewarding and joyful experience!

Foster families play an essential role at the SPCA de l'Outaouais. By taking in animals that need special care or sustained attention, they allow our team to devote itself to other animals and free up cages at the shelter. Are you interested in the idea…