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February 2nd 2022

Does your pet have a healthy mouth?

February is Dental Health Month for pets. Dental health is a key factor in the quality of life, comfort, and even longevity of your furry friend!

Did you know that 70% of adult cats suffer from dental disease? With most of these cases related…

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January 26th 2022

Adopting a puppy: are you ready?

The demand for puppy adoption has not waned in the past two years. Whether it's in response to the pandemic, or the recalibration of trends of family priorities, more and more households are considering the addition of a little four-legged friend.

We can't say…

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December 8th 2021

Winter wonderland: activities to do with your furry friends this season

Ah, the first snow... some welcome it with joy while others can't wait for spring! It's the same for the furry ones: because not all dogs - and even fewer cats! - find the snow and cold magical!

But whether your furry friends are…

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November 25th 2021

Three good reasons to keep your municipal licence up-to-date

Being a pet guardian comes with its own set of responsibilities, including the one - too often neglected - of registering your pets with the municipal authorities and making sure their licenses are up to date.

According to some estimates, at least 40% of…

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November 24th 2021

Can you recognize the signs of stress in your pets?

Once the cold weather arrives and the first snow falls, it's not uncommon for the next noticeable step in the change of season to be the hustle and bustle of our homes as the holiday season approaches. This can be just as stressful for your…

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November 17th 2021

Winter is coming... tips to keep your furry ones healthy

It's here. We've had our first dusting of snow. While the grass is still peeking through on our lawns, we all know that it's only a matter of time before winter is truly here. Are you ready for it? Do you have everything you need…