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October 27th 2021

Get your furry friends ready for Halloween

The costumes are sewn, the candy is purchased, and the decorations are up. The whole family is ready for Halloween! Are you sure? Have you thought about your furry friends?

Because as fun as Halloween is for human children and adults, it's not always…

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October 20th 2021

What does an animal health technician eat in winter?

From October 17 to 23, 2021, we celebrate Animal Health Technician Week, or "vet tech" as it is often called – in French, we use TSA for short. You've seen them in action at our shelter, or your veterinarian's office. But have you ever wondered…

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October 13th 2021

Non sterilized cats: 1+1=12

We'll be honest: the shelter is overflowing. These days, we admit on average over 50 cats and kittens per week, most of them in immediate need of care or in a critical situation. For this reason, we ask all citizens who encounter stray cats or…

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October 6th 2021

Fire prevention for the entire family

Just as your kids will probably do in school, every family needs to establish, communicate and practice a fire evacuation plan in the event of a disaster. But have you addressed the issue of your pets?

The United States Fire Administration estimates that 500,000…

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September 30th 2021

It takes a village... or the adoption of 7 puppies

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise children. Well, in the animal shelter world, you could just as easily say that it takes a whole team to find the right homes for our furry residents!

A few weeks ago, the…

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September 24th 2021

Cat looking for family... is she the one?

"Ah, he's so cute!” Unsurprisingly, this is often how our exchanges with our prospective adopters begin. A large majority of people looking to adopt a new kitty do so primarily because they like the aesthetic characteristics... they think it's so beautiful!

But did you…