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A foster family provides temporary care for shelter animals who, for various reasons, need to live in a residential family environment prior to adoption. Each year, over 600 animals are placed in foster homes.

The foster program is essential to our shelter. Without the help of our volunteer families, our success rate would not be as impressive. Hundreds of adoptions are possible each year thanks to our foster families, who not only care for our little orphans and give them love and care, but also help us find them a perfect new home. Without your help, it would be impossible for us to provide the attention and medical care needed by the more than 7,000 animals we take in each year.

To become a foster family, you must:

  • Be able to make yourself available for short weekday appointments, whether for pick-up or drop-off of your new fosters or for veterinary follow-ups at the shelter;
  • Have a room where you can isolate your little ones, whether you have other animals or not, according to the recommendations of our team;
  • Be able to cover the cost of the canned food that many of our furry friends love;
  • Be 18 years of age or older.

What we offer our foster families:

  • Ongoing support from our dedicated staff and medical team;
  • Training by veterinary technicians on feeding methods or medication administration;
  • Unlimited dry food for your little fosters;
  • The loan of accessories such as litter boxes, bowls, toys, transport cages;
  • Our infinite gratitude and the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to giving these little creatures a second chance!

Are you interested?

We currently have all the foster families we require. Keep an eye on our social and web platforms for a future call for new families.
Thank you!