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Fostering, a rewarding and joyful experience!

Published on December 6th 2022

Foster families play an essential role at the SPCA de l'Outaouais. By taking in animals that need special care or sustained attention, they allow our team to devote itself to other animals and free up cages at the shelter.

Are you interested in the idea, but a little apprehensive? It's normal! We’ll try to demystify the implications of being a foster family and hope that it might convince you to take the plunge!

We are always looking for serious and committed host families. Please note that we very rarely have dogs in foster care, we mainly have cats!

  • Time and money implications

To be a foster family at the SPCAO, it is imperative that you be available at least once (1) a week for a follow-up appointment. We are only open during the day and the veterinarians only work during the week, so it will be during regular working hours.

Our foster families usually keep the animals for 2 or 3 weeks, but it can be longer in some cases. We cover all medical expenses for our fostered animals.

We provide dry food, but not canned food, which is sold to you at a special price. We also ask that you purchase the bedding.

We will lend you a carrier as well as bowls, a litter box, blankets and toys if needed.

  • Space requirements, especially if you have other animals!

We often have little information on the animal when it arrives at the shelter. We can identify some illnesses, but others are more difficult to pinpoint.

If you have other animals at home, we strongly encourage you to isolate your foster animal in a separate room to avoid any possible contagion! This also reduces the stress on the pet.

If you have children, we will be able to find a perfect match, but it may take a little longer!

  • We're here to answer all your questions

At SPCAO, foster families are treated with the utmost care! From the beginning to the end of the process, we will be available to answer all your questions.

We also have an exclusive Facebook group for foster families where you can get advice from other animal lovers!

Fostering requires patience, as things can change quickly and unforeseen circumstances can arise at any time.

Consistency is the key. You will become more comfortable with your experiences and our long-time foster families are rare gems that we cherish!

If you love animals with all your heart and have the time, energy and money to devote to them, consider filling out our "Become a Foster Family" form.

  • Our foster families send you a note!

"Being able to offer a family alternative to a cage to animals who are going through a stressful time in their lives fills me with an unparalleled satisfaction. Each resident is unique, each one has touched me in its own way. To see a fearful animal who often doesn't feel very well come out of its shell and show me all the facets of its personality is a privilege. The animal always gives back the love that I offer him. It's not always easy, but it's always satisfying!” - Anne

"I have just recently become a foster parent and it fills me with joy. I have already adopted two cats from the SPCA, but I wanted to do more to help animals in need. Providing them with a calm environment to rest and regain their health, giving them care and most of all a lot of love, respecting their rhythm and gaining their trust, seeing them relax and become affectionate and playful ; it’s priceless. Thank you to the SPCA for giving me this opportunity to contribute more concretely to the well-being of animals!" - Annie

"I have been lucky enough to foster 11 little kittens over the past year and a half (all of whom have become real little monsters ).  Some were orphans, some were trios and some were just a few days old. Seeing them grow, discover, explore, trust us, let us love them and see them get healthier is the most beautiful feeling of accomplishment that can exist! We must also admit that their company is certainly very pleasant, we get very attached to them. When we help these little creatures in need, not only do we really contribute to their well-being, but we also help to relieve the overcrowding at the SPCAO shelter, which in turn allows them to help even more furry creatures. It's an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend!" - Justine

"We started this wonderful adventure 2 years ago. It has helped us tremendously throughout the pandemic. It’s hard to believe that these little furry creatures can bring us so much happiness and satisfaction! So far, we’ve taken in about 30 cats. It’s not always easy to let them go, but the pride we feel is unparalleled, not to mention the SPCA staff who are extremely caring! They have always been able to answer our questions and concerns, without exception." - Sophie

Thank you to our foster families who make a difference in the shelter's daily life!

If you are ready to make a long-term commitment, please fill out our "Become a Foster Family" form and we will contact you. Thank you for helping us to help them!