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40 years of animal protection for the SPCA de l'Outaouais

Published on February 13th 2024

GATINEAU, February 13, 2024 - It is with great pride that the SPCA de l'Outaouais, officially registered as a non-profit organization on May 5, 1984, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2024.

We've come a long way in the last four decades. We are delighted to see that animal welfare is more important than ever for the citizens of the Outaouais region, as it is elsewhere in the world.

"All the work accomplished on a daily basis to improve the lot of thousands of animals would not have been possible without the dedication and perseverance of our management and employees, some of whom have been with us for up to 25 years. Quite a feat for an organization like ours! We're very proud of this achievement, and we'd like to thank them," says SPCA de l'Outaouais President Nathalie Joly, who herself will be celebrating 25 years with the organization this year.

Advances in animal welfare

The year of our 40th anniversary coincides with the coming into force, on February 10, 2024, of the new Regulation respecting the welfare and safety of domestic companion animals and equines which stems from the Animal Welfare and Safety Act.

Under the new regulations, veterinary surgeries that have no value in terms of animal health and welfare, such as declawing, tail docking in pets and horses, or ear trimming in dogs, are now prohibited.

"The field of animal care is changing rapidly, both in terms of animal management and in terms of legislation and its application. We're moving in this direction, guided by our values of excellence, accountability and community involvement," says Maxime Daigle, Executive Director of the SPCA de l'Outaouais.

The year 2024 will be a year of transition for us, a year of repositioning to prepare us for important new mandates starting in 2025. Our goal remains to increase the quality of services offered to animals, citizens and municipalities.

- Maxime Daigle, Executive Director, SPCA de l'Outaouais

The SPCA de l'Outaouais will continue to take concrete action to promote adoptions and the well-being of the animals surrendered to our care. With the resumption of events such as the Marche des 4 pattes and the Poilus du père Noël, we continue to strengthen our ties with the public after years marked by the constraints of the pandemic.

40e anniversaire logo final

Today, we unveil a new logo designed to mark our 40th anniversary, and invite the citizens of the Outaouais to follow us closely so as not to miss out on what promises to be an exceptional year!


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