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Opportunities for volunteers

*** If you only wish to walk dogs, no need to register for the volunteer program, you can come to the shelter during business hours with a photo ID.

If you have a desire to help the animals of Outaouais's SPCA, you can volunteer at our refuge or at one of our adoption partners.

All volunteers are welcome, but it is important to recognize that not everyone is able to work with animals. The barking, the odors and realities of the shelter can be inconvenient for some. However, you do not have to come to the shelter to volunteer for us.

Please note that: Our volunteer team will contact you if necessary when there are open positions and we do not have a program for youth under the age of 16 at this time. Thank you.

Here are some options :

  • Walk dogs (during Outaouais's S.P.C.A. opening hours);
  • Attend PetSmart events on weekdays (be able to offer a few hours during the week to clean cages and help with cat adoptions *Bilingualism is mandatory*;
  • Assist PetSmart National Adoption Weekends by accompanying an employee of Outaouais's S.P.C.A. while making sure to maintain the cleanliness of the cages during the event. *Bilingualism is mandatory *;
  • Provide support at events throughout the year;
  • Take pictures of the cats for the adoption website;
  • Transport of animals to adoption partners;
  • Provide assistance to clerical staff;
  • Enrichment with the animals of the refuge.

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