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Why are many of our services available by appointment only?

Published on January 24th 2023

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For almost three years, we have been operating exclusively by appointment for several services such as abandonments and taking in stray animals. We know that this method of operation can raise many questions and we are committed to demystifying the reasons behind our choice. You will find here clarifications on the benefits of appointments for the shelter, for the animals and for our clients!

  • For stray animals

When we take in stray animals, we must ensure that we have the space and resources to properly care for their needs. This is especially critical with cats, as the shelter is often at capacity! This is why we operate with a waiting list and appointments so that we can be properly prepared to take in the animal.

Our priority is to take good care of the animals surrendered to us. This means being able to provide them with a veterinary examination, the health care they need, and spay/neuter surgery. We have to deal with the limitations of our facilities and the human resources available to us.

Having an acceptable population rate reduces the stress on the animals, which drastically reduces the risk of disease and ensures their increased well-being.

This is also true for the shelter team, who devote themselves body and soul to our little residents! At the SPCA de l'Outaouais, we are committed to providing adequate and satisfactory working conditions for all our employees.

  • For surrenders

In addition to everything that has already been said about taking in stray animals, the fact that we work by appointment for surrenders offers additional advantages: the latency period is often an opportunity for our animal behaviorists to offer advice to the family and to work together on the undesirable behaviors that sometimes lead to abandonment.

Some families finally decide to keep their pet because they are able to resolve the issues that were causing them trouble!

Otherwise, the waiting period can also be used to fill out the pet's life habits form, which is very useful for us to take good care of the animal and find the perfect adoption family!

The shelter team can also provide advice on how to re-home the animal on your own, especially via social networks. This saves the animal from going through a long and stressful process and allows us to focus on helping other animals.

In the case of multiple abandonments, the delay can also be explained by our desire to allow the animals to stay together. We will make sure we have enough space to accommodate them without having to separate them.

  • Keep in mind

Our previous walk-in method of operation required a lot of organization, management and resources. The adjustments we have made allow us to better serve the animals and our clientele.

Our priority is always animal welfare, and we make every effort to help as many animals as possible as quickly as possible, while ensuring that each animal receives all the care and attention it needs!