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Published on June 7th 2019

Following a year of field absence on the Ville de Gatineau territory, the SPCA de l’Outaouais (SPCAO) carefully chose a dozen people who will conduct the census operation for cats and dogs between June 10th and October 18th. In fact, the new census agents are mandated to visit the 112,000 doors of the City to make citizens aware of the various roles played by the organization and to ensure compliance with municipal regulations (183-2005) concerning licenses for cats and dogs.


Last year, due to the lack of field agents, only 36,500 animals were registered. However, according to the most recent surveys conducted by the Association of Veterinary Surgeons of Quebec (AMVQ) that date from 2016 and 2017, there are cats in 33% of homes in Quebec and 24% for dogs. In addition, the average is 1.7 cat and 1.2 dog per household. This means that more than 89,000 cats and dogs would be comfortably living in Gatineau homes and at least 50,000 of them would not be registered in accordance with municipal regulations.

The Executive Director of the SPCAO, Mrs. France Dubois, reminds the importance for the owners of animals to comply with the regulations: "The ultimate goal of this service is to find quickly and efficiently the owner of any animal lost or that ran away. The safe return to the house can only be assured if it carries his license to the neck! Also, by fulfilling this obligation, you clearly demonstrate your interest in the safety of your pet. "

Remember that the SPCA de l’Outaouais is a non-profit organization that does not benefit from any government subvention and whose revenues from the sale of licenses represent more than 50% of the annual budget. Without this valuable income, SPCAO could not carry out its mission. Last year, 5,000 animal lives were saved through the organization work. Having experienced some failures in the past, the census operation for cats and dogs has been completely redesigned so that the visit of the agents on the Gatineau territory is a more pleasant and positive experience for the citizens.