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Three good reasons to keep your municipal licence up-to-date

Published on November 25th 2021

Being a pet guardian comes with its own set of responsibilities, including the one - too often neglected - of registering your pets with the municipal authorities and making sure their licenses are up to date.

According to some estimates, at least 40% of dogs in Quebec are not properly registered and possibly twice as many cats.

Some owners don't see the need - my dog never runs away! - while others think it's a scam to make a quick buck. Think again!

Registering your pet and having it wear a tag not only helps find it if it gets lost, but also makes the community a little safer and even contributes to the overall animal welfare in the Outaouais!

Here are three good reasons to register your pet:

  1. It's the law!

Many municipalities in the Outaouais have implemented a municipal by-law requiring that animal janitors register their pets (e.g. for Gatineau, by-law 183-2005 is the one that governs the care, control and handling of animals). The municipal license is then mandatory and must generally be renewed every year.

If this is not enough to convince you, keep in mind that the penalties for non-compliance with the municipal licensing by-law can exceed the annual cost of the licence for the life of your animal!

  1. This is the primary source of funding for the SPCAO

Funds from license sales make up a large percentage of our funding, as we do not receive government grants. As a non-profit organization, we use all this money to care for the animals.

As such, the money you pay when you purchase or renew your municipal license is used to fund animal control services (patrol and investigation), adoption services, our education and community service programs, veterinary services for injured, abandoned or stray animals, and much more. Every dollar goes directly to support animal welfare.

Registering your animals also allows municipalities to maintain up-to-date statistics on the animal population within its boundaries, which informs council's decisions when it comes time to invest in dog park infrastructure, targeted spay/neuter programs, or other targeted services based on the number of animals to be served.

  1. It keeps your pets safe

If your pet's license is up to date, the likelihood of us being able to reunite you quickly is significantly higher.

No one is safe from an unplanned getaway or escape if your dog is spooked, for example, by the fireworks that abound in the area! Without a license, a stray or escaped animal can end up at the shelter without us being able to identify its guardians.

So don't delay in purchasing or renewing your license!

If you have more specific questions, go to the frequently asked questions tab on our website. You can also renew your license for the new year there when they go on sale, usually around November 15.

Keep in mind that licenses expire on December 31 of each year, so they must be renewed before that date. Late fees apply after March 31st.

Our team remains available to answer your questions and concerns. Happy renewing!