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September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

Published on September 7th 2021

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. A big part of our role as pet guardians is to ensure the well-being of our companions, and that includes identifying and acting if our furry friends are not feeling well.

Did you know that animals are good at hiding signs of pain as a protective instinct? This is what sometimes makes it difficult for humans, including veterinarians!

So how do you know if your doggie or kitty is not at its best? There are some common signs of pain in your pet:

  • Reduced activity level
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty standing after lying down
  • Reluctance to jump on objects/surfaces or climb stairs
  • Increased/abusive cleaning/licking of a particular body part

If you detect these signs, contact your veterinarian. As a reminder, you can download or review some of the material created by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM).

The animal health professionals who accompany you are trained to detect, diagnose, and treat the causes of pain in your pet. It is your duty to ensure that your pet receives the relief it deserves.

And remember, prevention is the best way to fight pain!