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Have you ever considered adopting a senior?

Published on November 3rd 2021

Very often people come to our shelter wanting to adopt a kitten or a puppy. But did you know that there are many advantages to adopting a senior pet? In November, Adopt a Senior Pet Month, let's celebrate our little oldsters who deserve a good family too!

  1. Their size and personality are known
    Adopting a mature cat or dog means that you won't be surprised by their final size or temperament. Their preferences and tendencies are usually developed, and you'll know right away if you're dealing with a clingy or an independent, a talker or a shy one!
  1. Less supervision and fewer unpleasant surprises
    Generally, an older cat or dog has grown out of doing dirty deeds and will be quieter, easier to train, and should require less supervision. An adult cat will probably be done climbing the curtains, and an adult dog won't be nibbling on your toes.
  1. Cleanliness and Sleep
    Youngins must learn to ask for the door or use the litter box and are often not used to the daytime schedule of humans. But our seniors have already figured out how to live with their guardians and are less likely to create chaos in your home.
  1. Second chance and friend for life
    Older pets usually stay in the shelter longer, but once they get adopted, they frequently understand what it means. You'll be giving a second chance to a little animal that just wants to be loved, and they'll give it back to you a thousandfold!

If you share your life with a senior pet, kiss them for us! And if you're ready to offer a home to a senior in need, visit our website in the Adoption section to see all our furry friends who are just waiting for the chance to cuddle with you.