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September 13th 2018

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend (September 14-15-16)

Dogs, cats, small animals, all coming from the Outaouais SPCA will be available for adoption this Friday through Sunday (14-15 and 16th of September) in our 4 partnered stores in the Ottawa area.

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August 17th 2018

The shelter will be closed to the public for Labor Dar

Please note that the shelter will be closed to the public on the 3rd of Septembre for Labor Day.

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July 19th 2018

Adult cats (6 months and up) are up for adoption for 100$ this weekend (20-21-22-23rd of July)

Help us adopt out all our adults and free some space for the numerous cats that will be coming in.

Advantages of going for an adult: the temperament is already established and you can choose one that suits you: calm or adventurous, affectionate or…

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July 9th 2018

Update on the fire at the Western Quebec SPCA

Last week, the Outaouais SPCA has received hundreds of messages from citizens concerned by the terrible fire that occurred on the night of Monday, July 2, at the building housing the activities of the Western Quebec SPCA. 

Just like you, we are extremely shaken…

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July 3rd 2018

Deeply saddened by the loss of so many animals yesterday at the Western Quebec SPCA.

Extremly sad and shaken by the incident and loss of so many animals.

All our thoughts are directed to those who are affected by this tragic fire last night at the Western Quebec SPCA.

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June 28th 2018

The shelter will be closed to the public on the 1st and 2nd of July !

Happy Canada Day !