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Update on the fire at the Western Quebec SPCA

Published on July 9th 2018

Last week, the Outaouais SPCA has received hundreds of messages from citizens concerned by the terrible fire that occurred on the night of Monday, July 2, at the building housing the activities of the Western Quebec SPCA. 

Just like you, we are extremely shaken by this incident and the loss of so many animals. This horrible tragedy has obviously raised a lot of emotions among the population and we want to clarify some information.

The Western Quebec SPCA is an entirely private organization and even if it uses the name SPCA, it is not affiliated with the Association Québécoise des SPA-SPCA. As an independent organization, the Western Quebec SPCA uses its own standards.

As a result, we are unfortunately unable to respond to citizens’ concerns about safety protocols for their animals, including the presence of smoke detectors or employee emergency procedures at the Western Quebec SPCA. Any questions on this subject should be directed directly to the SPCA of Western Quebec.

We would like to remind you that the Outaouais SPCA is the only shelter in the region mandated by the City of Gatineau to register pets, to manage stray animals on the territory or to manage lost/found animals.

We cover all of Gatineau, the MRC des Collines de l'Outaouais, the MRC Pontiac and numerous other municipalities.

Our shelter, located at 132 rue de Varennes in Gatineau, continues its normal activities and we are still able to accommodate stray animals, including those in the Aylmer sector. For all the details on our services, you can visit our website at

Thank you for your passion and continued support towards the animals of our region.