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Outaouais SPCA 2.0

Published on October 15th 2017

New logo, new website, new image!

The Outaouais SPCA is pleased to launch its new website. The website is accessible in a mobile version, presents our new logo and has several interesting features that will allow users to spend quality time on our website.

Let's talk about the new logo, the Outaouais SPCA has upgraded its logo while keeping its visual identity that defines us since the beginning in 1982. We added a small animal, since these are also part of our daily work as well as dogs and cats. With the cat in red in the logo, the Outaouais SPCA highlights the main challenge we want to attack in the coming years. Feline overpopulation is important and preoccupies us. In fact, TNR projects will soon be launched. The situation of dogs has greatly improved, with a placement rate of 93%, the ultimate 100% being impossible since the shelter acts as a pound for several municipalities of the big region benefiting from our services.

Buying your municipal licenses has never been easier and safer. With integrated forms for each municipality, you can enter your pet information with a photo for our records, pay your license and receive it by mail. Please know that licensing revenues represent half of the annual budget of the Outaouais SPCA, which receives more than 7,000 animals annually.

A blog, allowing us to publish articles, tips and interesting news about the animal environment. You will be able to read interesting content and learn about the life of inside the shelter through texts from different employees such as: veterinary, animal health technician, patroller, animal expert, groomer and much more. 

A system allowing you to make donations and help the animals entering the shelter and to contribute to our various initiatives while seeing the advancement of these campaigns. Safe and easy to use, this donation form also allows you to become a recurring donor and of course, receive tax receipts. 

A new layout to see the animals at the adoption and a new section for small animals. The section is clean and the animal sheets are easy to read, allowing families to find the perfect animal for their home.  

You lost your pet? It will be very easy for you to notify us by completing a simple form where you can insert a photo. This form, when submitted, will be sent directly to the Animal Reception where we can make the usual verifications to find your pet. Please note that the municipal license gives you 95% chances of being reunited with your pet, very effective.

Our served areas, the number of dogs allowed per municipality, who to contact for a complaint of animal cruelty, for a stray dog, so simple to find the information with an interactive map that answers all your questions when you select the right sector. 

You wish to become a volunteer or a foster family? Let us know easily through a form integrated in the Help Us section. This form is sent directly to the employee responsible who, if necessary, will contact you for a follow up will and invite you to integrate our beautiful and large family of volunteers. 

Contact us by e-mail in the Contact us section, you will be able to direct your message to the right department and have all the information. 

Who are we? Visit the Our Team section to virtually meet our employees and members of the Board of Directors of the Outaouais SPCA. 

Have fun browsing on our website !