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Winter wonderland: activities to do with your furry friends this season

Published on December 8th 2021

Ah, the first snow... some welcome it with joy while others can't wait for spring! It's the same for the furry ones: because not all dogs - and even fewer cats! - find the snow and cold magical!

But whether your furry friends are snowball lovers or not, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained and out of trouble! Here are just a few of them.

  • Go for a hike

    The easiest way to enjoy the joys of winter with your furry friends is to plan a winter hike. Find a trail in an enchanting area, perhaps even one that's new to the whole family, and let your dog explore and enjoy the unfamiliar smells. Your pooch will benefit in ways you can't imagine for both physical and mental stimulation, and you humans can enjoy stress relief and renewed creativity!

    Be sure to bring appropriate food and equipment for the length of your hike and the weather!

  • Discover the artist in them

    If your Fido isn't a big winter lover, you may be racking your brain for indoor activities that will keep you busy and entertained! How about a little crafting? There is gouache paint that is washable and pet safe! Get out some large sheets of paper and let your little Picasso get his paws dirty!

    Don't forget to wash your pet's paws after your session!

  • Get your paws dirty

    Why not take advantage of the winter days to bake home goods! And if the day's recipe is one of many that is safe for your pet, you may have a very dedicated apprentice cook! We bet he'll even volunteer to do the dishes!

    If you're looking for a quick and easy dog cookie recipe, you can order some from our Recipes in a Jar campaign! The dry ingredients are all included, just mix and bake!
  • Try a winter dog sport

    Do you share your daily life with a dog that can spend hours running around in circles in the snow in your yard? Have you ever considered trying a winter dog sport like skijoring? Skijoring, which originated in Norway, is a winter sport that involves a human on skis being pulled by a horse or dog(s)! With a harness and a pair of skis, you could discover snow trails all over Quebec!

    Consult the experts and get quality equipment to ensure that the activity remains enjoyable for both you and your dog!

  • Downward Dog for you and him

    Love your dog, but he doesn't like to go outside in this weather? How about converting your yoga session to doga, or yoga with dog! You can find studios that run sessions for you, or simply adapt your practice to accommodate your pooch!

    Be prepared with a towel handy because you might get more than a few licks in the face!

  • Silence, and action!

    And for those cold days that just make you want to stay in your pajamas, there's a long list of movies and series you could watch with your furry friends! A marathon of top cat movies and a big bowl of popcorn? Meow!

What about you? What are your favorite things to do with your furry friends in winter?