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Winter is coming... tips to keep your furry ones healthy

Published on November 17th 2021

That's it, we've received our first snowfall! While the grass is still peeking out on our lawns, we all know that it's only a matter of time before the winter sets in. Are you ready for it? Do you have everything you need to make sure your furry friend doesn't freeze to the bones?

Think about the skin

As with humans, the transition from the warm, dry cocoon of the house to the cold, wet outdoors is very hard on a dog's skin and can cause irritation and itching.

To help, you can:

  • Maintain an ambient humidity level inside the house;
  • Before going outside, protect the toepads from salt and chemicals on the sidewalk by covering them with petroleum jelly or a balm designed for this purpose. You can also consider using booties if your dog tolerates them;
  • After the outing, wash and dry your dog's paws (don't forget between the toes!) and belly to remove ice, salt and chemicals that may have seeped in;
  • Reduce the frequency of baths to allow your dog's skin to maintain its natural essential oils;
  • Avoid shaving your dog during the winter, as this removes a natural protective barrier against the cold.

Fighting the cold

You probably don't need another excuse to give your dog a cozy bed, but in the winter, they'll be even more grateful if you give them a warm, cozy place to nap, away from the drafts and off the cold floor. It's time to get out the blankets and pillows!

Also remember that our furry friends are expending more energy than usual because they have to fight the cold, so your dog may need an extra portion of food to meet his caloric needs. Also, make sure your dog always has access to fresh water to keep him well hydrated (essential for the skin too).

Finally, remember these simple safety tips:

  • Don't leave antifreeze or products containing ethylene glycol within reach of your pets, as they are toxic and dangerous, even in small amounts ;
  • Don't leave your pets alone in the car, as the cold could be fatal to them.

And finally, the golden rule: if the outside temperature is too cold for you, it's probably too cold for your pets!

Have a good winter!