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The 3 benefits of a walk for you and your dog!

Published on April 4th 2022

It is well known that dogs need to move and not just in your backyard even if it is big. It is key for their health to walk at least 30 minutes a day to burn off energy! Due to lack of walks, unwanted behaviours can appear in your dog: like digging holes in your garden or disobedience. The walk is therefore an essential element to allow your animal to be physically and mentally balanced!

Here’s what the walk brings to you and your four-legged companion!

1. Move!

Walking is not only a great physical and mental activity for your pet; it is good for you! In fact, the exercise of your hairy friend, whether big or small, is essential for its development. Depending on the types and sizes of dogs, the need for walking time may vary. It is also possible to alternate the phases of play and walking. The human body also needs to exert itself, to activate the muscles, but also to oxygenate. The walk can also help free the mind and escape the stress of a working day, for example.

2. New path, new smells, new people!

Taking a walk also allows you to make new discoveries! Whether sensory or social in nature. The dog is curious by nature, so it loves to discover new spaces and smells during his outing! It is therefore important to vary the places of walks for its fulfillment. Making encounters with other people or dogs, which is innate in them, allows your dog to improve its socialization skills. Often times, human interactions during walks are more frequent. Indeed, the animal is a topic of discussion.

3. Team building

In general, spending time with your pet allows you to create a close relationship with them. The walk and the period of play will help in consolidating this relationship. Enrichment during this time with your companion is very important. There are several ways to do this, such as training the basic controls or congratulating them during and after the ride when good behaviour is displayed.

In addition, the aspect that is often overlooked is to leave the choice to your pet. For example, let them choose the direction during the walk or let them choose his toy for his play period.

Finally, for a successful walk, it is important not to forget:

  • Bag to pick up needs
  • Leash or harness adapted to the size and weight of your animal (20 kg and more required to be harnessed)
  • By-law - Ville de Gatineau
  • Water if it’s a long walk
  • Treats/Games
  • Check the weather (too hot ground)
  • When returning from nature walks, check your pet for ticks

On your marks, get set, walk!