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Products that are big no-no’s for our furry friends

Published on September 1st 2021

Every year, many pets end up in veterinary clinics after coming into contact with products or ingredients that we humans use everyday. But did you know that the ingestion of some of these products by your dogs or cats can lead to their death?

Do you know the most dangerous sources of poisoning for your furry friends? We suggest you review some of these substances.

  1. Insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers
    Consult the instructions and recommendations if you use these products around the house. Most products, even the less aggressive ones, recommend waiting at least 48 hours before letting your pets walk around on a freshly treated surface.

  2. Household detergents
    Just as you would with children, be sure to keep all your detergents out of reach of your four-legged friends if you don't want to end up at the emergency vet clinic.

  3. Toxic foods
    It's a well-known fact that certain foods that are part of our daily lives can be extremely dangerous for our furry friends. Grapes, onions, garlic and chocolate, or even tea and coffee, come to mind. Macadamia nuts, avocado, starfruit and even chewing gum are also little treats for us humans that should be avoided for your pets. Another item to avoid is raw bread dough, as it may swell up in your pet's stomach and cause a lot of damage.

  4. Plants
    We are not botanical experts, but if you have cats or dogs at home, do your research! Many indoor and outdoor plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. These include poinsettias, daffodils, rhododendron and even amaryllis bulbs.

  5. Alcohol and drugs
    Do we really need to remind you? If some of these substances are related to pleasure or relaxation for humans, it is quite different for our furry companions. They are very harmful and can quickly lead to death!

And these are just a few of the things that come to mind. Talk to your vet, do some research, and be on the lookout! A wise guardian is always worth two... or three or four!