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Prepare your furry friends for the summer heat!

Published on June 28th 2022

There are several ways to cool down, such as diving headfirst into a pool or a lake, staying in the shade or simply by drinking lots of water.

For pets, the solutions are pretty much the same, but our furry friends may need a little help to put them into practice! Here are a few tips to help your pets beat the summer heat and prevent heat stroke.

1. Make water available to your pets and keep your home cool

It's no mystery that hydration is the number one tip. So don't hesitate to put several watering holes in the house, whether it's water bowls or fountains. You can even slip in a few ice cubes.

Air conditioning is also a great ally! As a general rule, if you are hot, your pet is also likely to suffer from the heat.

Brushing your pets regularly is also beneficial to prevent them from overheating.

2. Avoid walking your pet in the middle of the day

When temperatures are high, the ground heats up, and this can cause burns on your dogs/cats' paw pads. Therefore, walks on hot asphalt in the middle of the afternoon should be avoided.

It's best to:

  • Go out in the morning or evening;
  • Choose grassy areas or dirt roads rather than paved surfaces;
  • Find shady spots to relax with your furry friends.

3.  Other animals also suffer from heat

During hot weather, aquarium temperatures can also rise (yes, yes!). Your fish are not spared from heat waves. If the water temperature rises to around 30°C, there can be serious consequences for fish that do not tolerate warm water well. Turn off the lights and place a fan nearby to help.

AVOID putting ice cubes in the aquarium, as this can cause too much temperature variation which can be harmful to the fish.

Have a great summer!