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Prepare your furry friends for the summer heat!

Published on June 28th 2022

There are several ways to cool down, such as diving headfirst into a pool or a lake, staying in the shade or simply by drinking lots of water.

But what about our pets? They need a little bit of help! So here are some tips to help your pets beat the summer heat and prevent heat stroke.

1.  Ensure water is always available and keep your home cool

It’s not a mystery, hydration is key. So, feel free to have several water bowls in your home, whether it’s a bowl, a glass of water on the ground or a water fountain. You can also put ice cubes in the water bowls. Obviously, air conditioning also helps a lot.

2.  Avoid walks in the middle of the day

When temperatures are high, the ground heats up, and this can cause burns on the pads of your dogs/cats. Walks in the middle of the afternoon, should therefore be avoided.

It is preferable to:

  • Go out in the morning or evening
  • Use grass or dirt roads over paved roads
  • Find spots with shade for your furry friend

3.  Other animals also suffer from heat

During warm days, aquarium temperatures can also increase (yes, yes!). Your fishes are not spared. If the water temperature rises around 30°C, this can have serious consequences for fishes not used to warm waters. Turning off the lights and installing a fan can help maintain a suitable and safe temperature. It is important to note that adding ice in the aquarium should always be avoided as doing so can lead to excessive temperature variations.

There you go, now you know the essentials for the well-being of your animals in times of high heat!