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How to ensure a safe car ride for the doggos

Published on August 17th 2021

Roadtrip!! There's nothing better than being accompanied by your faithful four-legged friend when living great adventures on the road. But how do you ensure that these car rides remain safe for your dog? 

What does the law say?

According to article 442 of the Highway Safety Code, it is forbidden to drive a road vehicle while an animal obstructs the driver's view or hinders his driving.

From our perspective, we also think about the safety of animals in the car because an accident could happen so quickly! During sudden braking, the weight of your pet can multiply by 30! It will quickly become a giant projectile that can easily cause the death of the driver, the passenger, or itself. 

Solutions for safe carpooling

Depending on the size and habits of your dog, several options are available to you. For larger dogs, a barrier or safety net can be installed between the back seat and the front seats, which will prevent them from interfering with your driving. 

It is also very easy to obtain a harness tailored to your dog as well as a buckle that can be attached to the seat belt. This is an ideal solution to keep your dog in its seat in case of an accident. 

Finally, a crate can be an excellent solution if your dog is used to it. Don't forget to attach the crate to the seat belt as well. 


  • Attaching your dog's collar to the seatbelt; in the event of an accident, it could break its neck. 
  • Driving with your dog on your lap! Even the calmest dog could quickly become a major distraction and cause an accident.
  • Letting your dog expose its head or chest outside the window. While this is a popular activity for dogs, it could easily be hit by a rock, road debris, insect, car too close, etc. Roll down the windows moderately so he can enjoy the fresh air safely. 
  • Leaving a pet alone in your vehicle. Dogs are not immune to heatstroke, and even in the shade with the windows open, a car becomes sweltering very quickly!

You are now ready for a great road trip with your dog! What will be your next destination?