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Get your furry friends ready for Halloween

Published on October 27th 2021

The costumes are sewn, the candy is purchased, and the decorations are up. The whole family is ready for Halloween! Are you sure? Have you thought about your furry friends?

Because as fun as Halloween is for human children and adults, it's not always the case for our pets. Especially those who are already anxious by nature. Still, there are a few tips you can follow to help make your Halloween celebrations a happy and safe affair for all!

  1. Have your pet's current identification on hand
    As we know, one of the natural and instinctive reactions to fear, especially in animals, is to flee. Every year, many animals get lost after running away from a frightening surprise. Put the odds in your favor by making sure your pet is wearing its collar and tag, and that its contact information is up to date.

  2. Decorate for the whole family
    Some decorations can not only scare your furry friend, but they can also be dangerous. Take spider webs, for example, which can cause choking if chewed on by your pets, or the candles you place in those beautiful pumpkins that can be very attractive to furry ones but burn their paws or whiskers quickly!

  3. Be careful when dressing up your pet
    A costumed pet is sure to turn heads, but make sure you do it safely. Avoid a costume that includes accessories or items that could lead to choking if ingested, that restrict their movement, or that impede breathing. And most importantly, watch for any signs of stress or discomfort: not all animals like to dress up, no matter how cute it makes them look!

  4. Keep candy out of reach
    Just like young children, our pets tend to suddenly love anything that isn't meant for them! And that includes Halloween candy. Those colorful packages that crinkle like toys are very tempting! And remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs!

  5. Prepare for an eventful evening
    Having a game plan in mind before Halloween is always best. You want to be able to reduce your pet's sources of stress and anxiety, whether it's by preparing a room away from distractions filled with his favorite toys, or a space with soothing music that will drown out the sound of children screaming. The arrival of little monsters of all kinds at your door can be unsettling for your pets, so plan to keep them away from the door when handing out treats. And for all of you black cat guardians out there, it would be best to keep your kitty inside for the evening to avoid your companion getting caught up in the evil plans of the little terrors in the neighborhood.

With a little planning and a lot of vigilance, you can ensure that your Halloween celebrations are enjoyed by everyone in your family!

Happy Halloween, and feel free to share your Halloween stories with your furry friends on social media - tag us at @spcaoutaouais!