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Fire prevention for the entire family

Published on October 6th 2021

Just as your kids will probably do in school, every family needs to establish, communicate and practice a fire evacuation plan in the event of a disaster. But have you addressed the issue of your pets?

The United States Fire Administration estimates that 500,000 pets will face a home fire each year. To make sure the plan is complete, even before your smoke alarm goes off, consider the points below regarding your pet's participation!

  1. Pets and the evacuation plan
    Every pet living in your home should be included in your evacuation plan. Which family member is responsible for ensuring that the pet is safely evacuated? Is your pet wearing its collar and identification, or is it easily accessible in case of evacuation? You should be able to evacuate your home within 3 minutes.

  2. Emergency signage
    Post a sign in the window to indicate the presence of animals and their numbers. In an emergency, this can save the fire department a lot of time and they will know what to look for.

    *If you need a sign like this, we have stickers available at the shelter in exchange for a $2 donation.
  1. Avoid fires started by a pet
    It will never be intentional, but sometimes a pet can accidentally start a fire. Pets usually have a curiosity that makes them snoop around candles, appliances, or fireplaces. Don't leave your pets unattended in the presence of such hazards.

Celebrate Fire Prevention Week with a solid plan that includes your pets! After all, they are family!

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