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Adopting a puppy: are you ready?

Published on January 26th 2022

The demand for puppy adoption has not waned in the past two years. Whether it's in response to the pandemic, or the recalibration of trends of family priorities, more and more households are considering the addition of a little four-legged friend.

We can't say it enough: adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. As a dog guardian, it will be your responsibility to look after your dog's well-being and health for its entire life (the average dog lives ten years!).

Here are some questions to help you determine if you are ready to act:

  • Have you thought this adoption decision through?
  • Is the decision unanimous in the family?
  • Have you researched the types of dogs and their needs?
  • Have you determined who will be responsible for feeding, walking, and cleaning up after this new family member?
  • Have you identified how much time you will devote to socializing and training your puppy?
  • Have you determined what type of food you will feed your dog?
  • Have you found a veterinarian and discussed the medical requirements of a new puppy?
  • Is your home and lifestyle suitable for a dog? Do you have the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of a growing dog?
  • Do you have a clear and communicated plan in case you can no longer take care of your dog (separation, illness, hospital stay, etc.)?
  • Have you established a budget and considered all the elements of dog care?

Did you know that in Quebec, the average cost of caring for a dog is estimated at over $3,000 per year?

So, you made a well-thought-out decision and are getting ready to welcome a new puppy into the family? Congratulations! The adventure can now begin!

It's important to remember that a dog, regardless of breed, needs to be cared for, whether it's on the weekend or on vacation, whether you're exhausted or in great shape!

Your responsibility does not end with providing food and shelter. You will need to :

  • Provide proper care (hygiene, feeding, veterinary follow-up, etc.)
  • Provide education using ethical methods that correspond to your dog's needs
  • Spend time with him and shower him with affection!

Finally, don't forget that a puppy will grow up, become a teenager (a new set of challenges!), then an adult and a senior dog (geriatric) who will have specific needs.

Your dog will be loyal to you from the first day to the last: make sure you can say the same!