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On your birthday, Facebook automatically offers you to organize a fundraiser for your favorite non-profit organization ❤️🐱.

If you choose the Outaouais SPCA, we will send you a superb birthday gift!

How does it work : Create a donation campaign and choose the "Société pour la prévention de la cruauté aux animaux de l'Outaouais" as the recipient.

Then send us the link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Even if it's NOT your birthday, here's a link to start your own fundraiser:

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Cats 6 months and older at the Outaouais SPCA are now available at $ 75 (+ a voluntary donation) for the next 4 months, including sterilization, microchip.

The regular price for the past few years was $ 195 for cats 6 months and older. This pilot project and this price reduction aims to compete with animal selling sites like Kijiji and to adopt out numerous adult cats that are less popular during summer because of kittens.

At the Outaouais SPCA, a large number of cat entries are cats that have never been sterilized and have been obtained for free or at very low cost. This project aims to have hundreds of cats already sterilized in order to control feline overpopulation in the Outaouais. The adoption prices at the Outaouais SPCA are based on the care received. The price does not vary according to the breed of the animal. Also, the sterilization of a cat in a private clinic can easily reach nearly $ 200, not including microchip, antiparasitic and basic vaccines.



Following a year of field absence on the Ville de Gatineau territory, the SPCA de l’Outaouais (SPCAO) carefully chose a dozen people who will conduct the census operation for cats and dogs between June 10th and October 18th. In fact, the new census agents are mandated to visit the 112,000 doors of the City to make citizens aware of the various roles played by the organization and to ensure compliance with municipal regulations (183-2005) concerning licenses for cats and dogs.

Last year, due to the lack of field agents, only 36,500 animals were registered. However, according to the most recent surveys conducted by the Association of Veterinary Surgeons of Quebec (AMVQ) that date from 2016 and 2017, there are cats in 33% of homes in Quebec and 24% for dogs. In addition, the average is 1.7 cat and 1.2 dog per household. This means that more than 89,000 cats and dogs would be comfortably living in Gatineau homes and at least 50,000 of them would not be registered in accordance with municipal regulations.

The Executive Director of the SPCAO, Mrs. France Dubois, reminds the importance for the owners of animals to comply with the regulations: "The ultimate goal of this service is to find quickly and efficiently the owner of any animal lost or that ran away. The safe return to the house can only be assured if it carries his license to the neck! Also, by fulfilling this obligation, you clearly demonstrate your interest in the safety of your pet. "

Remember that the SPCA de l’Outaouais is a non-profit organization that does not benefit from any government subvention and whose revenues from the sale of licenses represent more than 50% of the annual budget. Without this valuable income, SPCAO could not carry out its mission. Last year, 5,000 animal lives were saved through the organization work. Having experienced some failures in the past, the census operation for cats and dogs has been completely redesigned so that the visit of the agents on the Gatineau territory is a more pleasant and positive experience for the citizens.


We use and recommend ROYAL CANIN !!!

NEWS: the Outaouais SPCA is more than happy to announce its new partnership and offer its animals and its customers, Royal Canin products exclusively ❗️

Visit our beautiful boutique located at 132 rue de Varennes, Gatineau sector. For information on Royal Canin and its products : ❗️


Holidays Hours

Monday, December 24: open from 9am to noon
Tuesday, December 25th: closed to the public
Wednesday 26 December: closed to the public

Thursday, December 27th: open from 9AM to 5:30PM
Friday 28 December: open from 9AM to 5:30PM
Saturday, December 29: open from 10AM to 5PM
Sunday, December 30: open from 10AM to 5PM

Monday, December 31st: open from 9am to noon
Tuesday 1st January: closed to the public
Wednesday, January 2: closed to the public
Thursday, January 3: 9am to 5:30pm (back to normal hours)


The Outaouais SPCA wins the Social economy Excelor !

The Outaouais SPCA wins the Excelor prize in the new Social economy prize at the 2018 Gala de la Chambre de commerce de Gatineau presented by Sun Life.

The Outaouais SPCa would like to thank the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce for creating this new category that recognizes the value and contribution of social economy enterprises on the Outaouais business scene.

We want to highlight the hard work and resilience of our 55 employees and 200 volunteers who work tirelessly to save the most animal lives each year. We must not forget our valuable members of the Board of Directors who volunteer year after year to make our organization flourish.

Thank you also to our partners, donors and all those involved in our mission!

*Note: the video is in French.


A total of 200 cats in foster family for our elite volunteer Gina !

Over the past few years, over 200 cats have had the pleasure of spending time in foster family with our volunteer and coordinator Gina.

The importance of her dedication to the cause and to our organization is without a doubt an inspiration for the employees of the Outaouais SPCA, for the volunteers and for all the foster families who take animals at home week in week out for periods ranging from 1 week to 2 months!

If you are interested in the foster family program, follow this link here:

Thank you Gina!


November 10-11: 13th edition of les Poilus du Père Noël

The Outaouais SPCA invites you to take pictures with your animals and Santa Claus in a holiday setting! Once again this year, there will be a new enchanting background for the pictures! Please print and fill out the inscription form : Inscription_Poilus_2018.pdf

Here are the photo packages available to you:

Photo 5 X 7: $ 15 (additional photo: $ 10)

Photo 8 X 10: $ 20 (additional photo: $ 15)

15 Christmas cards with envelopes: $ 30

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There’s a new vehicle on the roads near the Ottawa-Gatineau border. It’s a state-of-the-art, customized pet transport vehicle owned and operated by the SPCA de l’Outaouais, made possible by a $46,000 grant from PetSmart Charities of Canada and purchased from Dormani Nissan.

The adorable pet-decaled Nissan NV 2500 SV high roof cargo van is a 12-seater van with 10 of the rear seats removed. The back of the van will allow the SPCA de l’Outaouais to transport and keep shelter pets safe, confortable and secure while they make their way to adoption centres across Gatineau and into the Ottawa area.

Four of those adoption centres are located inside Ottawa-area PetSmart stores. The SPCA de L’Outaouais is an approved PetSmart Charities of Canada adoption partner and, as such, is invited to bring adoptable shelter pets into PetSmart stores where they have the very best chance possible of being adopted into a loving home. 

“This year alone, through our partnership with PetSmart Charities of Canada and the PetSmart stores in the Ottawa area, we’ve helped more than 500 pets from our shelter to be adopted” says France Dubois, Executive Director at the SPCA de L’Outaouais. “Now, with this customized pet transport vehicle, we’ll be able to have more transports and more animals each time, in a safe and secure way. Ultimately, we’ll be able to rescue, relocate and adopt out even more pets in need.”

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The Outaouais SPCA finalist as social economy organization of the year in Outaouais

The social economy organization category will appear at the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce Excelor Gala in November, and the Outaouais SPCA is pleased to be one of the 3 finalists in this new category.

France Dubois, Executive Director of the SPCA Outaouais is pleased with the arrival of this category, which shows that organizations working for the community do indeed have their place in the business landscape in the Outaouais despite having a unique reality.

The Outaouais SPCA will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2019 and with more than 55 employees, is a major employer in the region. Its legitimacy has grown over the years and it is with dedication and passion that the members of the team provide services to the local community and animals that come through their doors.

Management wishes to thank its employees, volunteers, donors, business partners and board members, who all greatly contribute to the organization's success over the years.


Cat adoption at 100$ (4th to 8th of October)

The adoption is full, help us make place for the ones waiting for their chance! 


Provincial Elections : The shelter closed to the public from 4pm

Please note that the shelter will be closed to the public from 4pm today Monday, October 1, 2018.

We will be back to our usual hours tomorrow, opening the doors at 9:30 am and adoption at 10am. Thank you for your understanding !


PetSmart National Adoption Weekend (September 14-15-16)

Dogs, cats, small animals, all coming from the Outaouais SPCA will be available for adoption this Friday through Sunday (14-15 and 16th of September) in our 4 partnered stores in the Ottawa area.

1750 Innes Rd, Gloucester, ON
1851 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON
2002 Mer-Bleue Rd, Orléans, ON
1600 Heron Rd, Ottawa, ON

Be there, or be square ? !


The shelter will be closed to the public for Labor Dar

Please note that the shelter will be closed to the public on the 3rd of Septembre for Labor Day.


Adult cats (6 months and up) are up for adoption for 100$ this weekend (20-21-22-23rd of July)

Help us adopt out all our adults and free some space for the numerous cats that will be coming in.

Advantages of going for an adult: the temperament is already established and you can choose one that suits you: calm or adventurous, affectionate or shy, independent or cuddly !

Our cats are sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Come see them and let yourself be charmed by an animal waiting for a loving home!


Update on the fire at the Western Quebec SPCA

Last week, the Outaouais SPCA has received hundreds of messages from citizens concerned by the terrible fire that occurred on the night of Monday, July 2, at the building housing the activities of the Western Quebec SPCA. 

Just like you, we are extremely shaken by this incident and the loss of so many animals. This horrible tragedy has obviously raised a lot of emotions among the population and we want to clarify some information.

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Deeply saddened by the loss of so many animals yesterday at the Western Quebec SPCA.

Extremly sad and shaken by the incident and loss of so many animals.

All our thoughts are directed to those who are affected by this tragic fire last night at the Western Quebec SPCA.

Some dogs have been saved and are currently taken care of at our shelter. 

Please note that the Outaouais SPCA and the Western Quebec SPCA are not associated and are 2 different organizations with different personnel, different missions, different protocols and way of functionning. 


The shelter will be closed to the public on the 1st and 2nd of July !

Happy Canada Day ! 


The shelter will be closed to the public on the 24th and 25th of June

Have a great St-Jean-Baptiste! 


Cats and kittens for adoption at 100$ from June 14 to June 18, 2018

Benefits of adopting at the Outaouais SPCA and not on Facebook, Kijiji or other:

  • Unbeatable prices;
  • Sterilization included;
  • veterinary examination;
  • microchip;
  • basic vaccines; 
  • deworming;
  • Free 1st Choice Canada Food Bag;
  • 10-day health guarantee on respiratory infection;
  • frees up space for a next cat;
  • satisfaction of having done its part to counter the cat overpopulation;
  • help an organization that has been working for nearly 35 years for the animal welfare in the area.


Come meet our cats of all ages, all colors and all kinds of personalities ? ♥ ️. Mandatory consultation before adoption!

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