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Identification number : A51540755

Hello, my name is Zucchini! I'm a sweet and affectionate cat, but with a tendency to do "love bites" when I'm too excited. I will need a family without young children, with experience with cats and a good knowledge of feline body language! It will be important to respect my boundaries and know when I need a break.

Otherwise, I am gentle and love to be petted! In foster care, I stay close to my humans and am comfortable with new people. I also like to play a lot, I have the soul of a hunter. It will be important to create an environment where I will be stimulated and to spend time with me! I could benefit from going outside.

On the health side, I am in a humanitarian adoption because I may have a blocked tear duct in my eye, which results in the formation of small secretions in the corners of my eyes and nose. It will be good to clean it up from time to time!

I am looking for a family that will want to spend time with me playing and petting. I look forward to getting to know you!

♥ Love languages: Affection, play, stimulation.

*"Humanitarian adoption" means that the animal has special health needs. In such cases, the 10-day health guarantee offered by SPCAO does not apply.

Breed : Domestic cat
Age : 2 years
Gender : Male
Declawed : no
Adoption cost : Humanitarian adoption at 75$
All our cats are sterilized, microchipped, and have received the first dose of vaccine and antiparasitic.
(unless otherwise specified, see the description above)
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