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Identification number : A-XXXXX

Hi, I'm Bella, an anxious young rabbit. This is what my foster family says about me: 

"She is curious and loves to be petted on the head. She likes to be up close to us but panics when we pick her up. She needs attention to develop and gain confidence. She is looking for a loving, patient, and especially calm family. She has lived with cats so she makes soothing signs and extends her paws like a cat when she feels good. She is currently living in our kitchen so she is desensitized to certain noises (fan, dishwasher...) but sudden noises scare her.  A family with knowledge of rabbits would be ideal, a knowledge of T-Touch would also be beneficial."

I have my culinary preferences as well, but our counselors will explain all that to you. Set an appointment to come and meet me, if you can make a little room in your heart for me! 

Breed : Rabbit
Age : Adult
Gender : Female
Sterilized : no
Microchipped : no
Vaccinated and dewormed : no
Adoption cost : $10
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