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Beauty & Cuty
Identification number : a51269258-322

Hi, we are Beauty and Cuty, 2 adult guinea pigs and we were brought to the shelter by our family because unfortunately, they developed allergies to hay! 

We are both very curious and greedy! When our mom prepared us food or opened the fridge, it was the signal to start squeaking, we knew exactly what it meant for us... Lunch time ;-) We are easier of approach when we are presented with food but if not we prefer to hide and go out quietly by ourselves to come to see you. We tolerate handling but we are not fans, this will need to be worked on after our adoption! We are afraid of sudden movements and loud noises so a quiet environment would be ideal for us. We are looking for a family that can offer us a stimulating space with lots of enrichment, activity time outside our enclosure and socialization time with you of course! 

We look forward to finding a family that will be willing to welcome us with open arms and keep us for life!

♥Love language: Receiving gifts (treats) and quality time.

Breed : Guinea pigs
Age : 2-3 years
Gender : Female
Sterilized : no
Microchipped : no
Vaccinated and dewormed : no
Adoption cost : Double adoption for 15$
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