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Identification number : A52102186

Hello, my name is Paco! I'm a nice dog and very sociable. I am very interested in people and my environment! I love to play with strings and toys that go "squick squick".

I am generally easy to handle, although I don't like to be taken by surprise. I don't seem to be aggressive at all! I would be the ideal dog for a single person or a couple, with young children to be avoided. I will need a family that is home a lot, as I don't like to be alone and I can be vocal when I am alone! I seem to be ok in the presence of other dogs, but we can't guarantee anything at this level.

Finally, I respond well to "sit" and I can spin around on command! Since I like treats a lot, it should be relatively easy to teach me all sorts of tricks. 

I was found as a stray, so not much is known about my background. Health-wise, I have mild tartar and prognathism, which translates into mild tooth wear. It will be good to check with your vet for a maintenance plan in this area!

I'm looking forward to finding my new family for life, please don't delay in coming to meet me!

♥ Love languages: Stimulation, activity, affection.

Breed : Shih tzu X
Age : 4 years
Gender : Male
Adoption cost : 395$
All our dogs are sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.
(unless otherwise specified, see the description above)
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