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Identification number : A-48536267

Let me introduce myself: Nuggat. Just like the treat. 

I'm a sweet dog who recently finished my job as a mom of a litter of seven and am ready to live the rest of my days with humans who will only care for me! Life in at the shelter is making me a little anxious so cannot wait to find a new home. 

My hosts here say that I will be happier in a family without children, cats or other female dogs... and I tend to believe them! I would make a great companion for someone who has experience with my breed and "working" dogs. I have a few minor ailments to watch out for but nothing to worry about; our counselors will explain everything to you when we meet. 


Breed : German Shepherd
Age : 4 years old
Gender : Female
Adoption cost : $395
All our dogs are sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.
(unless otherwise specified, see the description above)
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