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Flavie, Matilda and Blanche
Identification number : AXXXXXXXX

Hi! We are Flavie, Matilda and Blanche. We were brought to the shelter, us and our brothers (Octave, Joaquim, Harry and Edwin), a few days ago by ourpast family because they could not keep us all (obviously!). We are therefore now available for adoption and ready to find loving families with plenty of time to offer us. We are puppies so we are full of energy, it will be very important throughout our lives to provide us with plenty of physical, mental and chewing stimulation to exhaust us a little ;-). Trainings with a dog trainer would be greatly beneficial for our growth. You have to be aware that a lot of time and patience will have to be invested in the coming years!

We have never been in contact with other animals or children so a good introduction to them will be necessary.

On the health side, we (Flavie and Matilda) have a slight heart murmur so we will need to consult a veterinarian to check if it persists after 16 weeks of age because it could only be juvenile.

A quick note from our friends at the shelter: For adoption interests, please fill out a form with the name of the animal you are interested in. We will be selective in the families that will be selected due to the very high demand for puppy adoption. Please leave as much information as possible in your form, the more the better!

♥Love language: Quality time.


Breed : Boxer X
Age : 3 months old
Gender : Female
Adoption cost : 485$
All our dogs are sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.
(unless otherwise specified, see the description above)
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