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We would like to formaly apologize to local pet owners regarding the treatment of the 2018 municipal license purchases.

We have experienced difficulties with our telephone lines and have accumulated a lot of delay in processing and sending licenses. We are trying to catch up. We ask the population to remain patient, you will soon receive your license by mail for those who paid online or by check.

We had a lot of animals entering the shelter in the fall and early winter, whereas usually it is calmer. Our priority was directed towards them, which does not justify our failure to provide a suitable service.

Processing 40,000 licenses in a matter of weeks is a big challenge for any company or organization.

For next year, we will put in place the staff and structure to succeed. Know that respecting the municipal by-laws and purchasing your municipal licenses allow more than 7000 animals annually to be cared for with compassion and humanity by our fantastic health team.

Reminder: for a modification request to your file, it is preferable for the moment to do it by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We thank you for your support and your understanding!

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